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‘Elder actor’ Choi Ji-hee passes away, Han Ji-il mourns “a stepping stone for Korean cinema”

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Choi Ji-hee, a former actress and fashion designer, has passed away. /Photo = Han Ji-il’s face

Senior actress Choi Ji-hee passed away after battling various chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s and lupus disease. age 80. According to the film industry on the 17th, the late Choi Ji-hee passed away at around 12 noon on the same day while battling a chronic disease. It is known that the deceased had suffered from lupus disease for several years and died of pneumonia.

The mortuary was prepared in the general room of the funeral hall of Euljiro Paik Hospital, and the funeral will be held at 9 am on the 19th. The Korean Film Council is in charge of the funeral process. Jangji is Bundang Sky Castle.

Actress Han Ji-il posted on her Facebook, “Senior, I love you. It was the last small heart that junior Han Ji-il could do on the way to go. Sunbaenim is a star among the stars who laid a stepping stone for 102 years of Korean cinema. Junior actors love you. I respect you.”

The late Choi Ji-hee made her debut in the movie ‘Ingirl Hong Gil-dong’ in 1956, and has since enjoyed her heyday by appearing in ‘Beautiful Villain’, ‘Kim Yak-guk’s Daughters’, ‘Obbuja’, ‘Love Mom’, and ‘Sister’s Garden’. In the 1970s, he appeared in action films such as the movies ‘Yongpal from Namdaemun’ and ‘Paldogasinai’, and worked as a costume director in the movie ‘The Gold of Keiras’. Since then, he has expanded his career as a fashion designer.

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