Eldos should resign as MLA and face investigation: KK Rema – KK Rema | Eldhose Kunnappilly | Rape

Kozhikode ∙ KK Rama MLA has asked Perumbavoor Congress Member of Parliament Eldos Kunnappilly to quit his post and face investigation following a harassment complaint. He wrote on Facebook that it is not moral to be investigated in a responsible position and that Eldos should surrender to the law as soon as possible.

Full text of the note:

All public servants and people’s representatives need to have exemplary democratic values ​​in their private life as well as in their public life. Democratic morality is to stay away from the duties and face investigation until proven innocent in criminal cases. Their political leaders also have the responsibility to motivate them to do so.

There are many examples in recent Kerala where the respective political movements have tried to protect several leaders who were involved in cases including rape of women. Everyone has a responsibility to maintain democratic morals and ethics, not partisan narrow-mindedness that celebrates when opponents are on the case and pretends not to see when someone is wronged.

Eldos Kunnappilly MLA, who is facing a similar allegation and case, should resign and face the investigation. Being in a position of responsibility and being investigated is not ethical. Eldos should submit to the law as soon as possible. The Congress/UDF leaders’ stand of not protecting the perpetrators needs to be practical and fair.

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