Election Commission confirms ‘Phuea Thai’ invasion of Sisaket is not illegal

The Election Commission has confirmed that for Thais to invade Sisaket ‘chasing mice and beating cobras’ is not illegal, just the cost of the next MP election is reduced.

On June 20, a high-level news source from the Office of the Election Commission (EC) clarified the case that Mr. Chanasak Atthawong, Advisor to the Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office Prepare to submit a letter to the Election Commission. Ask to check the Pheu Thai Party (PAD) in case of organizing a Pheu Thai family event under the name “Lai Noo Hit the Cobra” in Sisaket province whether there are recruits or recruits or hires to join the event. Doing so in advance of the contract and whether the act is legal or not, whether such a case is in accordance with Section 65 and Section 66 according to the Organic Act (Por.Por.) on the election of MPs, 2018, in conjunction with the Election Commission rules . on the amount, rules, methods and conditions of giving in the usual traditions or when there is a reasonable cause

The source revealed that If there is evidence that any political party gives money, property or any other benefit which may be calculated in money to a person by not giving as usual or reasonable cause Ask the Election Commission to gather facts. Ready to offer opinions to the Election Commission. Consider ordering the Secretary-General of the Election Commission recorded as expenses for the election of that political party in the next election of the House of Representatives, which will reduce that political party’s expenses in the next election. The election of MPs received 35 million baht, assuming that political parties gave out money. and a shirt worth 1 million baht will be able to spend only 34 million baht for the next election expenses, so in this case it is not considered a crime But it will only reduce the cost of the party’s campaign funds. Because by law, the method of recording is used as expenses in the next election itself.

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