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Election Commission knocks up 65 Ft tariffs around the Jan.-Apr. 16.71 satang

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The ERC knocks up the Ft. Year 65 on a ladder basis, gradually increasing the electricity bill cycle from January to April at 16.71 satang.

Today (19 Nov 19) Mr. Komkrit Tantravanich Secretary-General of the Energy Regulatory Commission (Office of the ERC) as a spokesman for the committee The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) revealed that the ERC has resolved to adjust the variable electricity cost (FT) for the electricity bill in the January-April 2022 period, an increase of 16.71 satang from the current -15.32 satang. The previous period was at 1.39 satang per unit. and gradually improve according to the actual value in the next rounds

“After the ERC has continuously implemented a policy to mitigate the impact of cost of living for people who use energy. Both measures to reduce electricity costs and freeze the variable electricity cost or FT continuously for more than 2 years. Until now, the situation of the epidemic of Covid-19 has faded, causing the economy both inside and outside the country to begin to recover. coupled with the energy crisis in foreign countries which enters the winter, resulting in an energy crisis (Energy Crisis) due to the demand for energy, both oil and increased natural gas As a result, oil and natural gas prices in the world market have increased considerably during this period. Therefore, the FT in the period January – April 2022 (using the actual value of September 2021 in the projection) has increased to 48.01 satang,” said Mr. Komkrit.

The factors for considering the FT in the month of January – April 2022 are as follows:

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1. Electric power demand during January – April 2022 is approximately 65,325 million units, increasing from

previous period forecast (September – December 2021) that is expected to have a demand of 64,510 million units or

increased by 1.26%

2. The proportion of fuel use in electricity generation during January – April 2022 still uses natural gas as fuel.

60.27% of all fuel used in electricity generation In addition, it is the purchase of electricity from abroad. (Laos and Malaysia) included

13.92% and the cost of coal imported to private power plants 7.68%, EGAT’s lignite 7.55%, and other 6.92%.

3. The average fuel price used in the FT calculation in Jan. – Apr. 2022 changed from the projection in

September – December 2021 by the price of natural gas, which is the main fuel for electricity generation. and the average imported coal price

increased considerably from the estimated period in September – December 2021, with other fuels There was a slight and steady increase, as shown in


4. The average exchange rate used in the projection (1 – 30 September 2021) is 33.0 baht per USD, depreciating.

From the estimates for the period of September – December 2021, which was estimated at 31.3 baht per USD, Mr. Komkrit said that from the latest ERC meeting, the ERC is concerned about the situation of high energy prices and is concerned.

about the impact on people who use energy in a wide area and has considered using all available Ft management money and financial position recovery from electricity to reduce the impact of this Ft adjustment by more than 5,129 million baht Natural gas advance according to the contracted gas volume (Take or Pay) of the Myanmar natural gas field in the amount of 13,511 million baht, totaling money to mitigate the impact of a total Ft hike of 18,640 million baht.

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As well as considering the trend in 2022, it is expected that the average exchange rate will be at the level of 32.1 baht per USD. The average world oil price is forecast to drop to about 70 USD per barrel. and to have the management of power generation by using the high-priced Spot LNG replacement oil in order to reduce the impact on the electricity price as a whole. Still causing the FT to increase to 7.18 satang or an increase of 22.50 satang, which has a huge impact on electricity users in the short term.

The ERC continues to monitor the oil price situation. and natural gas which is the main fuel for continuous power generation It is also expected that the exchange rate situation And the price of fuel still has a chance to decline somewhat. After the winter when the demand for natural gas is high. and the Petroleum Exporting Countries will be able to manage the demand balance. and the supply of oil in the market to improve

However, the next phase of energy price situation remains volatile. and is an uptrend Higher demand for natural gas at the end of the concession Therefore, it is imperative that all parties adapt to cope with such situations. Including energy saving, the Election Commission will stabilize electricity costs to support economic recovery after COVID-19. The ERC will conduct a hearing on the FT fee for the January-April 2022 collection via the OERC website from 19 – 25 November 2021 before There will be an official announcement later.

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Photo credit: Metropolitan Electricity Authority/TNN ONLINE

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