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Election of the Sub-district Administrative Organization, this November 28, can’t go to “use the right to vote”. How to do it? You can check here.

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8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. November 28, 2021 is the prime minister’s election day, and members of the Election Commission of the Election Commission warned people not to break the election law from 18:00 on May 27. 2021 Ban on selling and distributing alcoholic beverages for banquets because there will be legal penalties. If the votersdo not exercise the right to voteWithout notifying the cause will lose many rights, including limited political rights. But if you report the reason that you can’t goexercise the right to vote According to the Election Commission, for example, there is an urgent need to travel to remote areas. Sick and unable to travel to vote are handicapped or handicapped or the elderly and unable to travel to exercise their right to vote travel outside the kingdom Residents who live more than 100 kilometers from their constituency have been ordered by the government to perform their duties outside the constituencies. or force majeure or other events determined by the Committee within 7 days before the election day, that is, between 21-27 November 2021 or within 7 days from the election date is between 29 November – 5 December 2021

If not going to the electionlose the rightpolitical, which includes
1. to be elected as a member of the House of Representatives or a member of a local assembly or a local administrator or to be elected as a senator
2. Apply to be elected as the village headman and village headman
3. Sign a request for removal Members of local councils or local administrators
4. Holding a position of a political official and political officials of the National Assembly
5. Hold a position of deputy local administrator local administrative secretary Assistant Secretary of Local Administration Chief Local Executive Advisor local management consultant or the local management advisory board
6. Serve as secretary to the chairman of the local council Assistant Secretary to the Chairman of the Local Council and the Secretary to the Vice-President of the Local Council

Channels for reporting incidents that cannot be reachedexercise the right to votehas consisted of submitting to the district registrar whose name is in the house registration by themselves or assigning others to file on their behalf Delivery via registered mail Electronic notification at the website www.bora.dopa.go.th or www.ect.go.th or the Smart Vote application

Notify the need for not being able to goexercise the right to voteYes, according to the form Sor.Tor./Por.Tor. 1/8 or in writing which must at least specify the identification number. and the address according to the house registration evidence clearly as well as informing them that they cannot exercise their right to vote for any reason
If not informed, political rights will be lost. with a limited period of time The time limit is 2 years from the date of the election when the voters are unable to exercise their right to vote. If in the next election that person does not exercise the right to vote again to count the time limitation of rights after this time from the date of not exercising the right to vote again and if the time limit for the previous rights limit is still remaining to schedulelimited rightsthat ends


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