Election results: May 4, 2019 | Elections

Note: The election is not final until the votes are questioned.

x-Michael S. Bancale 245 (34%)

A.C. "Tony" Martinez 153 (22%)

Charles D. "Charlie" Turner 406 (61%)

Robinson ISD, bond $ 31.5 million for junior high school campus:

Andrew B. Popejoy 899 (69.8%)

Ivan A. Green 389 (30.2%)

* McLennan Full of counties only

Crawford ISD, bond $ 1.9 million for improving facilities:

City Council Mart (2 seats, full term)

Mart City Council (2 seats, unexpired term)

City Council (3 seats) t

Franklin Abel 191 (68.2%)

Connally ISD Winners, Place 2 (2 seats) t

McGregor ISD, generally (4 seats)

McGregor City Council, Ward 5:

McGregor's local choice election, to sell mixed beverages in restaurants: t

Unopposed races


Bellmead City Council – Alfreda Love (Diagram 1), Doss Youngblood (Jump 5) t

Beverly Hills City Council (4 seats) – David Gonzales (Mayor), Donato Garcia Sanchez, Darrell Lopez, Lucy Ann Sanchez

Crawford City Council (2 seats) – Lewis Snow, Shane Spence

Lacy Lakeview City Council (4 seats) – Calvin Hodde, Barbara Seitz, Bruce Bundrant, Sharon Clark

Lorena City Council (3 seats) – Chuck Roper, Bill Coleman, Jennifer Grimm

Mart (mayor) – Leonard "Len" Williams

McGregor City Council (2 seats) – Andrew Henderson Sr. David Taylor


Bosqueville ISD (3 seats) – Debbie Wright-Hood, Russell Devorsky

Chinese Spring China (2 seats) – Chris Gerick, Matt Penney

Connally ISD (Place 1) – Dana McCoy

La Vega ISD (3 seats) – Henry C. Jennings, Raymond Koon, Randy Devorsky

Lorena ISD (unexpired term) – Sue Woody

ISD Mart (3 seats) – Frank “Pete” Rowe, Tracy Adler, Richard Green

Midway ISD – Pam Watts (Place 5), Rick Tullis (Place 7)

Waco ISD – Angela Tekell (District 4), Allen Sykes (District 5)

Woodway (3 seats) – Donald J. Baker, Scott A. Donations, Jane Kittner

McLennan Community College – Bob Sheehy Jr. (District 5), Geneva Watley (District 7) t

Note: Some of this information is based on seat openings and their holders.


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