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An electric car is basically a smart phone with four wheels. Since mobile phones can be charged wirelessly, what about electric cars?

In order to let users get rid of the inconvenience of connecting wires when charging devices, the British company has launched a charging board, hoping that the era of wireless charging of electric vehicles will come as soon as possible in the future.

The era of wireless charging for electric vehicles is coming

Char.gy, a charging research company in the United Kingdom, together with the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom and wireless power expert IPT Technology, jointly developed and launched a charging board that can effectively charge electric vehicles wirelessly. As long as the car is driven over, the device will automatically start charging. .

With this charging board, car owners no longer need to drive their car back to their garage, parking lot or charging pile to charge. Char.gy’s official website pointed out that their home’s charging device can be installed on street lamp posts or under the ground for driving Without leaving the road, you can effectively charge your car wirelessly.

Image source: Char.gy

Richard Stobart, Chief Executive Officer of Char.gy, said that the existing lampposts are good street infrastructure. In addition to lampposts, Char.gy’s charging boards can also be installed under the ground, such as parking lots.

What is bad about wired charging, why should I switch to wireless charging?

When charging an electric vehicle via wired charging, you need to take out the charging cable and connect the charging pile to the car before it can be charged. After fully charged, the cable must be removed before it can be used. However, wireless charging is different. The vehicle only needs to drive to the charging pile to nearby It can be charged, and you don’t need to perform any actions after fully charged, and you can drive directly after starting.

Because the wireless charging board does not have physical contacts for traditional wired charging, in addition to being convenient to use, it also reduces the fire and waterproof problems that may be caused by aging, and is not easily affected by the weather. It is convenient and beautiful.

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In addition, electric vehicle owners will definitely install charging stations in the garage at home. If there is no garage at home, they must park the car in those charging pile parking spaces with low coverage.

In an age when everyone wants to have an electric car, wireless charging can not only make up for the lack of charging piles, but also make charging more convenient and natural.

What is the room for improvement in wireless charging?

However, wireless charging is not a panacea. Like mobile phones, the problems encountered with wireless charging are mainly the various derivative shortcomings caused by “low charging efficiency”.

The report pointed out that wireless charging is still subject to inherent limitations, including problems such as poor power conversion efficiency, slow charging speed, and easy damage to equipment.

At present, Char.gy has launched three different charging solutions. Different prices have different charging powers. According to different powers, the charging time of electric vehicles is also different, but the average charging time of an electric vehicle is about less. In about 6 to 8 hours.

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In addition, the safety problems that accompany wireless charging, the height of the bottom of the vehicle, the different parking positions, and the change in electrical conductivity caused by the ground debris are all problems that need to be solved.

Char.gy said that they hope that vehicles can be charged without leaving the road, and at the same time they promote car sharing services, so that drivers can get a fully charged car at any time without worrying about cruising range.

Char.gy has already launched a series of tests at the Millbrook Proving Ground vehicle testing center in the UK. In addition, they have also launched a 12-month wireless charging project in Buckinghamshire, UK with the peer-to-peer car sharing platform Hiyacar.

Mastering wireless charging is the key to accelerating the popularization of electric vehicles. It is hoped that in the future, companies can solve the above-mentioned problems and make the era of wireless charging of cars come sooner.

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