“Electric Rider: Edgewalker” confirmed David and Lucy Nendoroid, but what about Rebecca? |4 Players

With the Netflix video game adaptation of the animated series “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” (Cyberpunk: Edgerunners) being widely praised, the good smile company’s contact limited products and the official collaboration are also officially launched, by including David’s jacket and Shirt-T and keys At the same time, he also revealed information that David and Lucy are about to become Nendoroids.

However, the information about Nendoroidization is only David and Lucy, and there are many fans knocking Rebecca’s Nendoroid just below the tweet.

Yes, Rebecca is a character that was almost deleted by the CDPR team, just because she looks like a loli. Fortunately, she was kept at the insistence of TRIGGER. It is undeniable that Rebecca is active in the drama, Let her become the most popular supporting role at home and abroad in a short time.

There is no other reason. When Dafydd was still a newcomer, she was the least arrogant to David. She would advise Dafydd, deliberately sit next to Dafydd to drink, comfort Dafydd when he was lost, and agreed to David’s request, even if Her own emotions were not responded to, and she was still fighting by David’s side until the end.

I hope CDPR and Good Smile can understand that Rebecca is essential.

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