Electric vehicle manufacturer EA sends MINE Mobility to open a new look and take orders for the MINE MT30 for the first time at this Motor Expo 2022.

Energy Absolute Public Company Limited or (EA) is moving forward at full speed to drive the 100% electric vehicle production business by sending MINE Mobility companies in the group. The MINE MT30 electric forklift was launched and is available to order under the concept of “Driving Towards Net Zero by MINE MT30”, reinforcing the vision towards the Net Zero goal to create sustainability. Improve after-sales confidence with Cockpit’s main service center with service points across the country.

Mr. Amorn Sapthaweekul, Deputy CEO of Energy Absolute Public Company Limited, for the Environment Agency’s vision which focuses on clean energy and environmental friendliness. Bring technology and innovation to develop the organization’s business to drive towards the goal of Net Zero and push Thailand towards a low carbon society. We recently launched a new electric vehicle under the name “MINE MT 30”, a 100% Thai electric pickup truck with high efficiency. which entrepreneurs can use the “MINE MT30” for many purposes of both logistics By designing a Shutter Van or Mobile Office, or it can be transformed into a Food Truck to meet lifestyle needs by making a Camping Van, etc.

  MY MT30 It is a high quality electric pickup truck developed with the Respect Environment strategy and the 5E strategy.

• The Environment answering questions about the environment. Ready to be a part that will lead the business towards Net Zero goals
• Energy Saving is a pure energy Dry EV. Helping businesses to achieve their goals and meet all lifestyles
• Electric EV Truck, 100% made by Thai people
• Ease of maintenance with leading service centers such as Talwrn with more than 90 service points throughout the country.
• Experience Open up a new experience with electric forklift trucks that actually work. Suitable for all businesses and lifestyles.

MY MT30 Comes with excellent features
• DC ultra-fast charge Max 70 kW (15 minutes/100 km)
• Use a Lithium-Ion (NMC) battery with a capacity of 30 kWh, passed the UN R100 safety test standard and IP67 waterproof rating.
• Can carry up to 1 tonne with extra large lifting area. The flat floor can be opened on 3 sides, 2.5 meters long, 18 cm longer than the general single part of the lift truck, making it possible to install a full plank.
• smooth driving With EPS steering system
• Under the car, the battery is 360 mm high, so you can be confident when driving through high flood areas.

in the service center We have gained the confidence of users. by partnering with Talwrn to launch a service center that will enable everyone to have convenient access to maintenance services With leading service centers with more than 90 service points across the country

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