elephant drink Paving the way for professional players, signing 6 young players, Assumption College Thonburi, 6th generation

elephant drink Paving the way for professional players, signing 6 young players, Assumption College Thonburi, 6th generation

Mr. Rojanasit Meenijsin, Deputy Director of ThaiBev Thai Talent Sports Program, together with Ms. Mantana Prapipet, ThaiBev Thai Talent Project Advisor, Thai Beverage Company Limited Public Company Limited by Elephant brand beverages, Parada Peerapong Darathai, Rector and Counselor for Assumption Thonburi School Administration and Mr. Narongwit warm moonlight Director of the White Elephant Project, Assumption Thonburi School Joined the signing ceremony for the youth footballer contract between “Elephant Drink” and “Assumption Thonburi School” at the John Mary meeting room, Assumption Thonburi School on January 19, 2022.

Mr. Rojanasit Meenijsin said that “Elephant brand beverages” have supported sports at all levels through the development of the entire sports system. from youth, professional, and national level Especially football that we have supported for more than 20 years, emphasizing on building a solid foundation for Thai football industry. Therefore, many youth projects have been initiated. including the production of personnel for the Thai football industry

This time, “Chang” has come to play a role in supporting Thai football in another channel, not just supporting the club team. but as a young athlete who will become an important force in the future which we have supported Assumption College Thonburi From youth to professional level In the past, we have signed contracts for youth players in 5 generations, a total of 26 people, and this time we have signed 6 additional 6 generation contracts, which are:

1. “Nong Plai” Dr. Peerada Lasawat 2. “Nong Geo” Dr. Chitsanupong Suwansak 3. “Nong Bank” Dr. Kraiwit Nookham 4. “ Nong Kai” Dr. Sirasit Sinsap 5. “Nong Phum” Dr. Phumrapee Siribunyakul and 6. “Nong Ness” Dr. Pongpetch Iamsa-ard

These youths were selected from the Chang Soccer School project and were white elephant athletes at Assumption College Thonburi. Which has won many awards in competitions and if these youngsters continuously develop their own potential will have the opportunity to join as a player of a leading club in Thailand This is an opportunity for young people to step up to become professional players. Including possibly stepping into a big Thai national football team in the future

As well as many seniors who have played with famous clubs, such as “Pim” Sittha Boonla, FC Port Authority Club, “Boss” Wiphu Kochawong, Pattaya Club, Dolphins United, “Kao” Atthaphon Sangthong, “Nack” Pakpoom Khunkongmi, “Tiger” Kongphop Soirak, “P” Peerapat Thangtae, “Got” Anucha Sodsri, “Bas” Borirak Srichand. Many have played in the Assumption club. United at present, the “Chang” hopes that the youngsters will develop themselves continuously. And we are ready to encourage the youngsters to Get the best opportunity on the career path as you dream of

For this contract, all 6 children will be under ThaiBev Thai Talent’s supervision under the support of “Elephant brand drink” which will be incubated by trainers from Assumption College Thonburi for continuous and systematic development Ready to push towards the path of becoming a professional footballer and the national team which is the ultimate goal of all youths



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