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here,A Mac fanYouTube channel ofTV Mac Fan” Introducing the TIPS technique that is being distributed. We will introduce useful tricks like “Is that possible!?” and “I’ve heard of it but never used it.” The theme this time is“Deliver clear sound even in noisy places with “Voice Separation” during the call”in.

“FaceTime” iPhone has a function called[Voice Separation]which obviously only provides the voice during a call. This is a convenient function when there is a lot of noise around you, such as when you are drying your hair on the station platform or using a hairdryer.

In fact, iPhones that support iOS 16.4 can now use[Llais ar Wahân]not only for “FaceTime” but also for voice calls. So, this time, I will explain how to use[Llais ar Wahân]again.

The procedure is very easy. When you receive a call, with the phone connected, show the control center. Tap[Modd Meicroffon]on the top right of the screen and select[Llais ar Wahân]from the menu.

Let’s listen and compare the difference between when it is[Gwahanu Llais]is applied and when it is not. Here we will try the function with FaceTime.

The first is when you are not using[Gwahanu Llais]. (Video call scene on station platform/hard to hear voice)

*: Check the video at the top of the article (from 46 seconds)

Next is when[Gwahanu Llais]is being used. (Video call scene on station platform / voice can be heard clearly)

*: Check the video at the top of the article (55 seconds video ~)

In this way, the announcement flowing behind disappeared and the voice became clear.

The video embedded in the first half of the article explains in movie format like detailed procedures. again,”TV Mac Fan”, we present useful techniques every week. In addition to that, we also distribute app commentary and interviews, so check it out.

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