Eliminates the rush of ambulances in the emergency room

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In the case where critical patients and light patients are mixed in the emergency room, there are no empty spaces at the end, so the ambulance goes to and from various hospitals and misses the golden hour.

In order to improve this emergency room situation, the government has come up with measures.

Reporter Lee Jun-beom will tell you.

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The National Medical Center’s emergency medical situation room.

There are red, yellow and green circles in front of the names of emergency rooms in over 400 hospitals across the country.

It shows in real time how many patients are currently in the emergency room, and this information is presented to paramedics on site.

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“I implemented it this way with the color of the traffic lights. More intuitively, a particular hospital’s emergency room is currently overcrowded…″

However, there are many cases where patients are not admitted even if they see this and visit them.

Because we don’t exactly know if there are actual emergency medical staff.

Last year, only 50% of serious emergency patients were transported to a medical facility where they could receive treatment within an appropriate time.

The government’s plan is to raise this to 60% within the next five years.

To this end, it was decided to accurately present information about emergency room personnel and equipment to paramedics, and clarify the criteria for ‘in case a patient cannot be admitted’.

In addition, it was decided to reorganize the system of emergency medical institutions, which are divided into regional centers, regional centers, and regional institutions, in serious, moderate and mild cases, respectively.

Its purpose is to prevent severe trauma patients and patients with simple bruises from being mixed up in the emergency room of a large hospital.

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″(Overcrowding of large hospitals) because of the lack of emergency rooms that people can trust and rely on nearby. So that you can use the emergency room with peace of mind in your area, not in a big hospital..″

Responses from emergency medical doctors are generally positive.

However, it is noted that the key is how to ultimately secure essential medical personnel, as emergency measures must be followed by emergency surgery or critical care.

This is MBC News Lee Jun-beom.

Video commentary: Kim Kyung-bae, Kang Jong-soo/video editing: Jeong Seon-woo


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