‘Elizabeth is mine forever’!! The Bala shares the joy of his wife’s return

The family life of stars is always in the media’s attention. The actor from Bala is such a star in the news. It was recently reported that the actor has problems in his family life. The actor himself shared such a video. Moreover, seeing Elisabeth for a long time did not add to the discomfort. With this, came the news that the actor had broken up with Elizabeth.

The news was based on what Y Bala said in a video. In that video, Y Bala talked about divorcing Elizabeth. The actor shared that his family life has failed again. After the news received a lot of attention, this video was deleted by Y Bala.

But both of them did not give a clear answer if they were divorced. Elizabeth was also active on social media.

Bala shared his happiness that his wife Elizabeth is now back.
Bala has come with a video with Elizabeth.
Bala shared the joy of his wife’s return with the caption Elizabeth is mine forever. In the video, Elizabeth can be seen dancing wearing Bala’s cooling glasses. The video of both of them has already gone viral.

Elizabeth also appears in Y Bala’s video after a long time. Bala has appeared again in the video with Elizabeth as an answer to those who mocked her when she left.

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