Ella from Wonderland? The Insomnivorous Wonderland event took place

▲ Mugimi’s Wonderland event banner (Photo courtesy of Iceno Games)

Alice in Wonderland comes to Mugimi Island.

Aisno Games announced on the 25th that it would be holding a Wonderland event in the Mugi-mi-do tower defense game.

The Alice in Wonderland themed event will run until the 5th. Lollipops can be obtained by clearing various stages in the game, such as the main chapter and Rust River, or completing limited time missions. The collected lollipops can be used for various in-game currency exchanges with Ella’s 2-star skin, ‘Heart Queen’ until the 8th.

In addition, Korean and Japanese voice dubbing is added to episodes 7 and 8 of ‘Carnival’ to add suction power to the story. Additionally, six prisoner profiles, including Victoria and Baek, have been added to the prisoner interrogation, allowing you to know the character’s personal story.

Meanwhile, Mugi Mi-do holds a raise event for Irina, an S-class prisoner. S-class prisoner ‘Irina’ is a character that can be used in many ways because the skill effect changes depending on the situation of the a battle

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