ELN denounces that the Government continues to fail to comply with agreements reached

The head of the guerrilla of the National Liberation Army (ELN), Eliécer Herlinto Chamorro Acosta, alias ‘Antonio García’, has denounced that the Colombian Government continues to fail to comply with the agreements already reached within the framework of the peace process opened between the parties.

“Unfulfilled agreements on the part of the Government continue, such as withdrawing the ELN from the list of GAOs (Organized Armed Groups), which should have been fulfilled at the end of June. Humanitarian actions in the regions have not advanced either,” ‘García’ highlighted in the social network X, formerly known as Twitter.

“We need a much deeper change than replacing some technologies with others, a just transition towards local, democratic, diverse economies. Not perpetuating with solar panels the same colonial system that brought us to this collapse of civilization,” he added in a subsequent message.

The delegations of the Colombian Government and the ELN sent to Venezuela in the framework of the fourth cycle of contacts are finalizing a document on the political and conceptual bases of Humanitarian Actions and Dynamics to specify measures for the territories most affected by the armed conflict.

The national and regional meetings for the process of civil society participation in this peace process are also being reviewed for approval. For this, the 25 processes that the National Participation Committee already has in place will be taken into account.

At the end of this fourth cycle, the report on the first month of implementation of the Monitoring and Verification Mechanism of the six-month ceasefire agreed between both parties is expected to be published.


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