Elon Musk demo meeting until 1:00 am Post a photo with Twitter engineers

Elon Musk uploaded several photos with engineers at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco on Saturday (19th), saying he “just finished reviewing code and left the headquarters”, but the upload time was 1:30 local time. Someone left a message saying that “1 o’clock in the morning is more active than during the day”, and Elon Musk responded “by far, I’ve seen the most people at headquarters.”

About 24 hours before uploading the photo, Elon Musk sent an email to employees last Friday (18th), asking everyone who actually writes software to meet him on the 10th floor of the headquarters that day. Elon Musk asked employees to first send him a summary of the last six months of code, and to show the 10 most prominent lines of code screenshots.

Elon Musk had issued an ultimatum to employees earlier, asking them to decide last Thursday to stay and join his Twitter 2.0 project, or resign. It is said that after the ultimatum, another 1,200 Twitter employees resigned, and some departments even have no employees anymore, but Twitter did not respond.

Source: Insider

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