Elon Musk Takes On McDonald’s To Accept Dogecoin Transactions Will Be On TV Food Happy Meal – Hong Kong

As we all know, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is a long-term supporter of the cryptocurrency Dogecoin. In addition to posting support on Twitter from time to time, he also walks through his electric car company Tesla’s official online store, accepting purchases with Dogecoin. Products such as the Giga Texas belt buckle and the Cyberquad for Kids electric bike.

A few days ago, Musk posted a tweet to the fast food chain McDonald’s, hoping that the other party would accept diners to spend with Dogecoin. He also promised that if McDonald’s accepted his suggestion, he would be on TV and eat Happy Meals on the spot. Exactly what Musk’s motive was for posting and why he named McDonald’s is unknown to outsiders, but after his Tweet was sent, the price of Dogecoin soared, from $0.127 to a high of 0.149 before the market opened.

McDonald’s did not respond to Musk’s Tweet, but rivals Burger Kind and Jack-in-the-Box did leave messages to promote it.

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