Elon Musk’s Company X Introduces Government-Approved ID Verification System to Combat Fake Accounts

X, the popular social media platform owned by tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, has recently introduced a government-approved ID-based authentication system in an effort to combat the rise of fake accounts. This new feature, exclusively available to premium customers, aims to uphold the platform’s credibility and ensure the authenticity of user profiles. X has joined forces with Israeli company Au10tix to implement this cutting-edge verification technology not only in the European Union and the UK but also in various countries worldwide.


In addition to tackling the issue of fraudulent or spam accounts, X has emphasized its commitment to protecting its users from potential dangers within the platform. By opting for this ID verification process, users will not only help safeguard the community but also gain access to exclusive future benefits offered by X. Upon completion of the verification, users will receive a pop-up message adorned with a distinctive blue check mark, indicating their verified status. It’s important to note that this feature is currently applicable only to personal accounts.


However, X has made it clear that business or company accounts will not be eligible for this authentication feature. While this initiative aims to uphold the platform’s integrity, it hasn’t come without its share of criticism. Many customers expressed their discontent with Elon Musk’s decision to rebrand Twitter with the letter ‘X,’ as they still associate the old blue bird logo with the platform. Some concerns were raised regarding the potential confusion between the ‘X’ icon and adult content due to its similarities with X-rated videos.

One social media user, Dr. Parikh Patel, humorously shared their experience of mistaking the ‘X’ app on their son’s phone for adult videos, only to discover it was the X social media platform. There have even been jests about potential legal action by adult entertainment websites if Twitter’s media player were to be named XVideos. Additionally, reports suggest that Twitter plans to transition from its current domain to X.COM, further hinting at a significant rebranding of the company as the ‘X Everything App.’

In the midst of these changes, tech observers speculate that X’s logo transformation aligns with the company’s strategic branding goals, embracing a broader scope beyond its initial identity as a social media platform. As X forges ahead, users can expect continued enhancements to their online experience.

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X, owned by Elon Musk (formerly Twitter) introduced a government-approved ID-based authentication system. Elon Musk has introduced a new feature for premium customers. The new step is to stop the rise of fake accounts. The company said the facility will be available in different countries including the European Union and the UK. X has partnered with Israeli company Au10tix to introduce the new feature.

X said it could also take the necessary measures to protect against dangerous or spam accounts and to maintain the credibility of the platform. The company also said that users who choose this ID verification will get additional benefits that X offers in the future. Users will get a pop-up message with a blue check mark immediately after ID verification. This feature is available for personal accounts only.

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Company or business accounts will no longer have this feature, the company said. Many customers are still unhappy with Elon Musk’s updated Twitter logo to ‘X’. Because many people still haven’t been able to forget that old blue bird. Also many people pointed out the possibility that many parents would mistake this icon for X videos (porn videos). There was still much debate about this. A post shared by someone regarding the new logo went viral on social media.

“Last night I checked my son’s phone and saw that he had an app with an X icon on it. But thankfully, they were just X videos,” said Dr. Posted by Parikh Patel. Some have even joked that adult entertainment sites could take legal action against Musk if the Twitter media player was named XVideos. In addition to the logo, reports suggest that Twitter will soon switch to the X.COM domain instead of the current domain. Now a search for X.COM will take you to the Twitter site. Tech observers believe the new logo change is ahead of the company rebranding as ‘X Everything App’.

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