Embrace! Chanthaburi closed hospital building to detain doctors after patients concealed information – Thai MCOT news agency

Chanthaburi, April 22 – Chanthaburi Rams! 22 new cases of COVID were found in one day, cumulative amount close to 100 As the hospital, the center had to shut down a building to quarantine doctors and staff after a COVID patient hid information

At Prapokklao Hospital, Chanthaburi today (22 Apr), MD Kanokporn Sawadichai, director of Sanam Chanthaburi Hospital, revealed that from the situation of the new coronavirus outbreak 19 today, Chanthaburi Province. Two new cases were found at once. A large cluster came from a party in the Klong Narai sub-district. Chanthaburi City In which relatives of Chonburi Province who were infected with COVID attended the event Causing the cumulative patient total to 96 cases, separated by districts, namely Muang District, 62 cases, Laem Sing District
11 cases, 6 Tha Mai District, Soi Dao District 5, Makham District 4, Pong Nam Ron District
4 cases, 3 cases of Khlung District and 1 case of Khao Khitchakut District

However, Chanthaburi has plans for adequate treatment of COVID patients. There are a total of 333 beds at 92 beds at Phra Pokklao Hospital, 31 Twin Brothers Hospital, and 210 more beds at Ban Chanthaklem Sanam Hospital. Went to hospital for treatment at Ban Chanthaklom Hospital

In addition, from the epidemic situation Also affected to Prapokklao Hospital Causing the hospital to quarantine doctors and medical personnel to some buildings Because some of the patients who came to the treatment had concealed the information This puts doctors, nurses and healthcare workers at risk. Must contain myself

“Therefore, if the patient is aware that he is at risk When entering the hospital for treatment Request truthful disclosure To prevent the spread of disease Because this outbreak was more terrifying than the previous one. We ask all Chanthaburi residents to protect themselves well, set high guard, wear a mask, diligently wash their hands, spaced very seriously, ”said MD Kanokporn.

Dr. Kanokporn also revealed the progress of the COVID vaccination. Chanthaburi Province has been allocated a total of 12,840 doses of Sinovac vaccine to medical personnel. There are 6,420 people involved in the outpost, most of which are normal. Only about 10% experienced side effects. Muscle pain Tiredness But the allergic reaction is less than getting the flu vaccine and is numbness.
But not weak, about 4-5 people, but the latest symptoms have healed. – Thai News Agency

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