“Emergency Coach” highlighted two reasons why “Thailand women’s volleyball” lost to “Canada” in the 2022 World Rubber Ball Battle

On October 4, 65, the move after the Thailand women’s national volleyball team lost 1-3 sets to the Canadian national team 19-25, 21-25, 25-23 and 22-25 in the 2022 World Cup rubber ball battle , second round, line F in Lodz, Poland. Last Tuesday night

After the game, Coach Urgent sees that Canada can handle Thailand well in this game and use a great counter attack. Along with the fact that the Canadian players have a tall shape, but the ball hitting them makes the Thai women out of control.

“I think this game is a difficult game. very good canada In our form, it can hinder and counteract many of us. Along with his counterattack, we also can’t take it. The ball he hit was quite high. Block structure and our defense It was quite difficult to defend, it was accepted, and our first ball was not good either. It makes it difficult for us to play our favorite games. Makes his counter-attacks and play easier. He emphasizes that athletes take care of their physical health. Because some people we have seen that before, the condition was better. As soon as he entered the game, the slowness in his muscles was evident as he became more and more tired in the process of playing. We rely on regeneration as best we can. Because the game against Germany on Wednesday is an important game. Germany itself is in great shape. And then there’s a similar style of play to Canada, but we have to try to push our form and push our abilities out.”

For the next match program, the national team of Thailand will meet the national team of Germany on October 5, 2022 at 8:00 pm

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