Emergency Response: Fire Breaks Out at Thainakarin Hospital, Bangna – Officials Rush to the Scene

Hospital Fire Breaks Out in Thainakarin; Authorities Sprint into Action

At precisely 2:33 pm on October 3, Thainakarin Hospital, situated in the bustling Bangna Nuea Sub-District of Bangna District, faced a raging fire that prompted swift action from concerned officials.

As the clock struck 2:33 pm, Rama 199 Radio Center, in an unforeseen turn of events, received an alarming notification through the 199 helpline. The urgent message emphasized the emergence of a fire within the premises of Thainakarin Hospital. Without a second’s delay, authorities from the Bangna Fire and Rescue Station rushed to the scene, equipped to combat the perilous situation.

It was a mere seven minutes later, at precisely 2:40 pm, when the diligent team from the Bangna Fire and Rescue Station arrived at the premises. An eerie haze of smoke enshrouded the basement, necessitating a thorough investigation by the experienced officers present.

The Intrepid Efforts of Authorities:

  • At 2:33 pm, authorities received a distress call, reporting a fire outbreak within Thainakarin Hospital
  • Bangna Fire and Rescue Station officials sprang into action and arrived at the scene at 2:40 pm
  • A thorough investigation took place amid the dense smoke permeating the hospital’s basement

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hurry! Fire breaks out inside ‘Thainakarin Hospital’ Bangna Officials rush to put out the fire.

At 2:33 pm on October 3, Rama 199 Radio Center Received a notification from the 199 helpline about a fire inside Thainakarin Hospital. Bangna Nuea Sub-District, Bangna District, Bangna Fire and Rescue Station personnel are going to the scene.

Later at 2:40 pm, Bangna Fire and Rescue Station officials arrived at the scene. There was a lot of smoke in the basement. Officers were used to investigate the location.

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