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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Gangwen II

+2.04% to 7.26% or the first salary increase in 3 years, the salary of public servants tends to be positive, which does not reflect the fifth wave
Survey of human resources consultants of 111 companies in 9 industries: may not reflect economic reality
Leung Choting is not optimistic
Zhou Daquan said that Ligao once paid a rent to Apple: Are both right and left hands true?
How many feet did the offender gather to enforce the law?
He Boliang, the peak value of ticket control and the trough of diagnosis
Xiyuantai on the 6th, two virus genes similar to Xingyuelou, suspected to be super transmission protection center: the epidemic index is low, no need to rush to the party
Still dynamically cleared Xu Lejian: work hard to control the epidemic
Nie Dequan: If you want to go back to normal, you can’t go through the third stitch
Yau Tenghua: I have told the Japanese consul that Hong Kong people want to travel with a hotel to book a luxury train room
British study: Paediatricians who have been infected with other coronaviruses or prevent new crowns worry that the protection of young children is too strong to reduce immunity in the future
Shiying plans to detain the suspect for 14 days Deng Bingqiang: 23 articles will be referred to
The National Security Police ordered Huang Yangda to delete the sensitive content “Hong Kong Flag” competition page
Structural reorganization, accountability officer, more members, advocating streamlining of the director-level
Lingnan University Beidu Research advocates docking with Zhou Wengang in Qianhai to increase employment opportunities in Yuanyuan District
3 people detained by police for serial criminal damage at branch of cryptocurrency group
GBA topic in the Greater Bay Area: The most cost-effective way to use Hong Kong dual-currency cards in the Mainland
GBA Special Topic in the Greater Bay Area: Pay more attention to the repayment on the designated day for overdraft instruments in the Mainland
Two middle school girls fall to death in police line suicide agreement
Children’s house officer for sex-related girls withdraws from charge and releases
Sonko Comics
[Emily]Zhou Shouren and Xia Zhicheng visited Chen Rijun and asked: “No need to publicly support speech and prayer is enough”
【Emily】The 9-year-old wish of the big rascal: choose another day to charge garbage
【Emily】The new version of “Countdown to Traffic Lights” will be tested next year
【Emily】Thanks to the police for recovering the cognitively impaired uncle
【Emily】15 minutes full of electric vehicle charging station in SHELL China Hong Kong City


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