Empire Season 4 Episode 10: Jamal Eyelashes on a stiff Road

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Empire back from the hiatus on Wednesday with the midseason premiere which confirmed that Angelo (Taye Diggs) had died during Jamc (Jussie Smollett) during the peak.

When Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) is picking up after the brutal showdown, Warren's statement (Terrell Carter) to the police regarding the incident is likely to occur from possible murder charges. Although he will not have legal consequences for his actions, Jamal will have to deal with an angry community who will not be so forgiven because of someone who is slain, regardless of the circumstances.

"Jamal has to take a statue personally and professionally," Smollett TV Guide said. "He has kinda called American people and now he's a public number one. Everyone is turning against him. He's going to be difficult for him."

It is not the hard community that the terrible singer has to deal with. As the first person of the Lyon family who really takes someone's life, he will have to deal with his guilt weight, which will not be easy for him. "He's dealing with the fact that he did, in fact, kill someone," Smollett said. "It will be difficult to be difficult."

The fatal incident also closed the book on Jamal's relationship with Warren, who acknowledged that he was a co-liar in the elaborate plan of Diana DuBois (Phylicia Rashad) to draw the Lyons once and for all. While Jamal can forgive Warren to seek false excuses, he was unable to let his former writer out of the kidney to allow Andre to be poisoned with a psychedelic drug he had brought to hospital.

"Andre died almost. I don't see how that could ever be [forgiven], "Smollett said.

When they love, Jamal will take this time to look in and do things out of himself. "Jamal has to worry about themselves for a while. He has to do some searches and come back to the center. If he had to jump into another relationship, that would be a bit of himself," explained Smollett.

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Jussie Smollett and Gray Bryshere, EmpireJussie Smollett and Gray Bryshere, Empire

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