Enad Global 7 announces the closure of “Antimatter Games”, the company responsible for the latest work in the popular tactical shooter series “IGI Origins” « doope!

Yesterday, Enad Global 7 issued a press release announcing that it is a British developer known for collaborating in the development of the “Rising Storm” and “Killing Floor” series, and is working on the latest tactical shooter series ” IGI Origins”, which is coming back after 20 years. It has become clear that the procedure to close “Antimatter Games” has begun.

According to Enad Global 7, the closure of Antimatter Games is scheduled for this summer, and the closure is expected to save around 50 million Swedish kronor a year.

At this time, the details of the future of the latest series “IGI Origins” are unknown, and we await further reports and confirmations.

Reference: “IGI Origins” teaser trailer released late last year