End of 30 hours of thrilling ‘crazy shooting instructor’ shoot at Ban Klang Muang Rayong

happen again and again layering Since the beginning of the year 2023, both cases “Fire on Sai Mai” until the event “Fire in Phetchaburi” with 3 deaths, 3 injuries…all incidents The unanswered question is the possession of weapons. which are easy to use

latest “Crazy Shooting Instructor” Caused several gunshots inside a house in Rayong city center market area. where the villagers have to live in fear because of the sound of gunshots which sounded many times not the first time But it happens almost every day. It has been several weeks in a row. Komchadluek draw a timeline from the moment of the event many hours have passed

Thriller Timeline “Crazy Shooting Instructor”

1. At 6:00 am on May 12, 2023, the Rayong Provincial Police received a notification from the villagers Gunshots were heard coming from a commercial building in the old market area, Rayong municipality. to scare nearby villagers Because this time is not the first time.

2. The police came to check immediately after being informed. but when you arrive turn out to be shot out Cause officers to freeze the siege on the outside And ask for reinforcement from SWAT officers to join together and find a way to negotiate to reduce the loss.

3. The perpetrator, called Mr. Pong, 36 years old, history of being a veteran. and he is a shooting instructor. He is an expert in the use of guns. and very correctly Officers must therefore be careful when calming down the incident.

4. Villagers say “shooting instructor” This wild person has been shooting guns regularly, recently firing continuously 2 times a day for a week until the villagers live in fear and paranoia.

The police stopped the incident "Crazy Gun Trainer"

5. Hours passed. shooting instructor Still angry, the police brought their relatives and tried to negotiate and persuade them to surrender, but in vain. But there are no reports of injuries yet. or died

6. At 2:30 pm, after another 8 hours, the shooting instructor goes mad. still inside the house But no more gunshots sounded. Staff deliver food and drinking water to the house.

7. Bass’s Best Friend “Crazy Shooting Instructor” Giving information that Bass was stressed about family And from the phone conversation, he said he would definitely surrender. just asking for time because now he wants to be alone, but the police said he had not confirmed that it was true

The police stopped the incident "Crazy Gun Trainer"

8. Police fly heat sensing drones for a high angle view and observation Prepare a plan to prevent the incident.

9. water cut off power to pressure the shooting instructor to surrender himself, but in the end, he returned to turn on the water and turn on the fire as before Because I do not want to increase stress.

10. More than 10 hours have passed The house is still quiet. The police set up a Do not use force to invade statement. because the shooting instructor does not cause violence

Prevent the incident of crazy shooting trainer

11. For 24 hours, the police surrounded the house. hoping the shooting instructor will turn himself in but still no effect A shout came from inside the house. want to be alone

12. At 9:00 am, another gunshot sounded, but the police still used the principle of thinking, analyzing, and differentiating by asking the mother to help negotiate and persuade.

13. At 12:00 pm Excitement again. When the coach shoots a crazy gun Burn the house down If still in chaos

14. More than 30 hours have passed. Use guns to shoot out of the house every now and then. The police activated the siege.

The crazy shooting coach gives up.

15. 16.00 “Bass”, a shooting instructor agrees to talk to the police. with father and mother helping to negotiate before the criminal agreed to walk out of the house Get in the police van Amid public applause the incident ended well no loss