End of Soi Ju! A young man with a rotten intestine caused by a 3 meter tapeworm ripped up, the young doctor came out of his stomach.

End of Soi Ju! A young man with a rotten intestine caused by a 3 meter tapeworm ripped up, the young doctor came out of his stomach.

In the case of the Facebook page of Parasitic Disease Research Center-pdrc School of Medicine Suranaree University of Technology, Nakhon Ratchasima Province posted a video. Doctors and nurses use medical equipment to remove tapeworms from a patient’s intestines during surgery. with the message that a long bovine tapeworm This time it was blocked in the intestines. until the intestines are rotten Even having to have an operation to remove the parasite (Clip by Dr. Pattanapong Rasamee, MD)

Afternoon June 10, am FMC Medical Clinic Chai Mongkol Subdistrict, Mueang District, Nakhon Ratchasima Assistant Professor Dr Nattakapatchol Rattanapitoon Parasitic Disease Research Center Consultant School of Medicine Suranaree University of Technology and FMC Medical Center Manager revealed who posted that clip

Such video clips were obtained from Pattanapong Rasamee Dr The incident happened on June 9 at a hospital in Sisaket province. While doctors and nurses operate on the patient’s bowels due to severe abdominal pain. It was then found that the bovine worm blocked the intestinal tract for more than 3 meters in length.

So, the clip was posted on the Parasitic Disease Research Center page. and the FMC Clinical Medicine page As a warning example to those who like to eat Lap Koi Soi Ju, a menu made of raw beef. which may contain bovine worm larvae Then when it enters the body, it will live in the small intestine. When it grows too large, it can cause an intestinal obstruction like the events in the clip. Because when the worm grows and gets too big and long, it can cause an intestinal obstruction.

There is also a similar event. together in Ubon Ratchathani by Wilpong Promnoi, MD A surgeon at a hospital in Det Udom District, Ubon Ratchathani Province A patient with the same abdominal pain underwent surgery and a very long bovine tapeworm was found. When taken out, the size of the basin was almost full.

When it comes to eating raw meat dishes, Lap Koi Soi Ju is a personal choice. But there are risks associated with these parasites. If you do not want to be infected with parasites, you must avoid eating such food. But if unavoidable You are advised to go for a parasite examination at least 1-2 times a year to treat it. You should not buy medicine to take on your own. Consult your doctor or pharmacist to get rid of worms.

In addition to tapeworms, there are also parasites that bring fresh vegetables such as porkworms, roundworms, threadworms, earthworms, these worms. can be contaminated with dangerous fresh vegetables especially pork tapeworm and threadworm Risk of death, especially among those with immunocompromised conditions. Use of immunosuppressants or organ transplantation

“So, for those of you who like to eat fresh vegetables. Vegetables must be washed well for safety using vinegar soaked for 20-30 minutes and then washed with clean water or using vegetable cleaning products that have passed quality tests that can eliminate or parasite larvae, which are currently quite a lot of natural products are being developed for use,” said Assistant Professor Dr. Nathakaphatchala.

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