endangered-pink-dolphin-rescued-from-shallow-waters-of-colombian-river | Navy and Air Force join hands to revive dolphin; Eventually moved to a new habitat

photo from twitter

In Colombia, the Navy and Air Force join hands to revive a dying dolphin on the Paulo River.

Colombian military officials and locals rushed to the scene after realizing that the dolphin’s life was in danger due to the low water level in the river. After a long struggle, the dolphin was moved to a new habitat.

The dolphin was taken out of the Paulo River and loaded onto a truck and transported to the city of Passover Ariporo. From here, the dolphin was airlifted to the Meta River by a large tarpaulin and released into the Meta River. Dolphin trips and video footage have come out.

Many people appreciated the action taken by the military and the people who saw the plight of the dolphin and tried to save it.



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