Endemic after 40 months… Lifting quarantine obligations for confirmed patients from next month

▲ Photo: Yonhap News

From next month, the quarantine obligation for confirmed COVID-19 patients will be lifted.

The Central Disaster and Security Countermeasures Headquarters will downgrade the COVID-19 crisis alert level from the current ‘severe’ to ‘warning’ from the 1st of next month.

The biggest change resulting from this is the lifting of the quarantine obligation for confirmed patients, which will change the mandatory ‘7 day quarantine’ to a ‘5 day quarantine recommendation’.

Quarantine obligations do not apply not only to individuals, but also to medical institutions or facilities prone to infection, but quarantine can be carried out by voluntary consent at the facility.

The COVID-19 PCR test recommendation for those arriving from abroad will also disappear.

A screening clinic for PCR tests will be operated, but the operation of a temporary screening testing center will cease.

Most of the quarantine measures are being lifted, but government policies such as free vaccinations and free treatment, support for inpatient treatment costs, and support for living expenses and paid holidays continue in their place.

Despite the de facto declaration of endemic after 40 months, some are still concerned that an average of 10,000 confirmed cases per day could arise, and a situation where they could be forced to go to work until age if they are sick due to the outbreak. quarantine obligations emerge.

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