Energy Policy U-turn – to nuclear power instead of renewable energy

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The government decided on a new energy policy direction at the Cabinet meeting today.

As expected, the share of nuclear power generation was further increased.

It did not announce how to reduce coal-fired power plants, which are the key to carbon reduction, and how to increase renewable energy.

First, reporter Bae Joo-hwan reports.

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Coal-fired power plants still accounted for the largest share of power generation in Korea last year. More than a third.

The second place is natural gas with 29%, and the third with 27% nuclear power.

The share of renewable energy is only 7%.

The Yun Seok-yeol administration has decided to increase the proportion of nuclear power plants to more than 30% by 2030.

It is the exact opposite of the Moon Jae-in administration’s decision to lower it to 24%.

The proportion of renewable energy that the Moon Jae-in administration promised to raise to 30% was not announced.

The way to raise the proportion of nuclear power plants to 30% is to extend the lifespan.

There are 10 nuclear power plants whose lifespan ends before 2030, eight years later.

The government has decided to extend the life of all 10 planes.

If you add up to Shin-Hanul Units 1 and 2 and Shin-Kori Units 5 and 6, which are currently under construction, 28 nuclear power plants will be operated by 2030.

[김진/산업통상자원부 에너지전환정책과장]

“The competitiveness and ecosystem of related industries is still well established, so it can be seen as a policy key to continue strengthening it.”

However, extending the lifespan and increasing the utilization rate may raise safety concerns.

[석광훈/에너지전환포럼 전문위원]

“Of course, we will replace the equipment to extend the lifespan, but the overall equipment aging is in progress…”

On the other hand, no plans have been announced on how to reduce coal-fired power plants, which are considered the main culprits in carbon emissions, and how much to increase new and renewable energy.

Coal-fired power plants were all about ‘inducing rational reduction’ and ‘adjusting to a reasonable level’ for renewable energy.

This is Bae Joo-hwan from MBC News.

Video coverage: Park Jong-il / Video editing: Park Byeong-geun

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