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◇ Hoban Group is a new construction company (architecture, electricity, equipment, safety, civil engineering, product development) and experience (site manager, construction, electricity, equipment, safety, civil engineering, quality control, health, legal affairs, fair trade) until the 30th , planning, auditing, IT, accounting, designing) large-scale open recruitment. See website ( Hoban Group manufacturing and media affiliates, such as Taihan Electric Wire, Hoban Hotels & Resorts, Hoban Golf, Hoban Properties, Samsung Gold Exchange, and Daea Fruits & Vegetables, are also hiring. It can be found on each company’s website. ◇ Hanshin University (President Sung-Young Kang) held a scholarship delivery ceremony for Pastor Lee Yong-guk at the Gyeonggi Campus President’s Office at 11 am on the 15th. Pastor Lee is a 65th grader in theology and has donated 10 million won to his alma mater, Hanshin University, for the fourth time. ◇ The Korea PR Association (Chairman Joo-ho Kim) announced 18 successful cases of the ’29th Korea PR Awards’ on the 15th. For the grand prize, the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs’ ‘Private Public Relations Campaign for the Remains of General Hong Beom-do’ was selected as the grand prize winner, and the award ceremony will be held at the RP Day event held at the Raum Art Center on the 24th. ◇ The Korean Red Cross (Chairman Shin Hee-young) elected Yun Seong-ho, the CEO of R&C, as the vice-chairman on the 15th. Vice-Chairman Yoon is an expert on North Korea who performed inter-Korean exchanges at the National Intelligence Service, and is currently serving as the CEO of R&C Business Advisory and vice president of the Korea University Alumni Association. The term of office is two years. ◇ Ulsan City is recruiting volunteers ‘We Friends’ to create the ‘1st Ulsan International Film Festival (UIFF)’ by 4 pm on the 24th. Recruitment fields are program, invitation, publicity, and operation. Refer to the website ( ◇ The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries and the National Maritime Museum will hold an exhibition in the theme exhibition room of the National Maritime Museum until February 27, next year. It re-illuminates the ship ‘Hanseon’ made in the traditional way of Korea during the Joseon Dynasty, and introduces the excellence of technology and life at the time. Admission free. See website ( ◇ Green Asia and the Little Brothers (Francisco) have an online climate change cinetalk from the 18th to 20th at midnight. Watch a documentary film about the events that took place in Sovolini, a town on the border between Russia and China, and discuss the battle for survival of endangered tigers and humans and the destruction of the ecosystem. Applications are available on the website ( ◇ The Seoul Museum of History will exhibit ‘Symbol Street of Hanyang, Six Birds Street’ in the special exhibition room until March 27, next year. It deals with the work of key government offices and officials located on Yukjo Street during the Joseon Dynasty, and the changes in Yukjo Street after the Imjin War. Admission free. Refer to the website ( ◇ The Korean Foundation (Chairman Monica Ryu) announced on the 15th that it had established the ‘Moon Ae-ri Award’ to honor Dr. ◇ The Korean Society of Civil Engineers (Chairman Seungho Lee) will hold a ’70th Anniversary Ceremony’ at the Chosun Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul on the 19th. ◇ The Economics, Humanities and Social Research Society (Chairman Jung Hae-gu), Korea International Cooperation Agency, and Export-Import Bank of Korea will hold the ‘2021 Global Korea Expo’ at The-K Hotel, Seoul, on the 15th to 17th to check the achievements of Korea’s international cooperation and seek future directions. . About 70 institutions, including major government ministries, public and private institutions, national research institutes, and civic groups, participate, and all programs such as opening and closing ceremonies, conferences, presentations of best practices, exhibitions and public relations, and consulting are broadcast live on the website. See website ( ◇ Forest and Sharing (Chairman Jae-yeon Jang) will hold the ‘3rd Forest and Sharing Environmental Academic Forum’ online and offline on the 16th at Baekyangnuri, Yonsei University. Sustainable society, Asian environment, communication, climate crisis, environment and health, biodiversity, environmental education, forum, free life community, and citizen science. also proceed. See website (



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