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Chairman Kim Young-cheol. Provided by Korea Job World

◇ On the 26th, the Ministry of Employment and Labor (Minister Ahn Gyeong-deok) appointed Kim Young-cheol (64), Seoul Communication Advisor, as the 4th president of Korea Job World, a job experience center for children and adolescents. The new chairman Kim served as an editorial member, (RTV) chairman, and president of the Seoul Lifelong Education Promotion Agency. The term of office is 3 years.

Chairman Cha Cha-hyung.  Provided by Korea National Oil Management Institute

Chairman Cha Cha-hyung. Provided by Korea National Oil Management Institute

◇ On the 26th, the Korea National Petroleum Management Service, Cha Dong-hyeong (59), former director of Ulsan Techno Park, was inaugurated as the new chairman. The new chairman, Cha, was born in Busan and graduated from Seoul National University with a degree in business administration and received a master’s degree from the same graduate school. After passing the administrative examination (31 times), he started public office at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and served as a new industrial policy officer and industrial technology policy officer. ◇ The Korea Artists Welfare Foundation (CEO Park Young-jung) is recruiting 15,000 artists to participate in the ‘Creation Reserve Support Project-Creative Stepping Stone’ in the second half of the year with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism by the 4th of the new month. If the conditions such as completion of the artistic activity certification in accordance with the Artist Welfare Act, the recognized income of household members (applicant and spouse) are within 120% of the standard median income, and non-receipt of job search benefits, 3 million won per person is provided as a creative reserve, and this time, the last digit of the birth year is provided. The odd-even application system is introduced as a standard. See website ( ◇ Hope Rae-il (Chairman Lee Cheol) is recruiting 30 students for the 10th class of Continental School by September 24. From September 27 to December 14, a total of 12 lectures will be held at the Buugol School in the basement of the Hope Raeil Building in Pil-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul. The tuition fee is 1.65 million won, and courses that have not been taken can be taken in the next semester. See website ( ◇ National Research Center for Jungwon Cultural Heritage (Director Jae-beom Moon) will run the ‘Baekje Iron Academy’ 10 times from the 31st to the 30th of November, an educational and experience event using the ‘Steel Technology Restoration Experiment Station’ opened in November of last year. . In order to prevent the spread of Corona 19, it will be held online until the new month to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including iron stories with teachers, ironware culture on the Korean Peninsula, blacksmith tours, experiences using seasonal packages, and cultural heritage conservation science experiences. See website ( ◇ The National Library of Korea (Director Hye-ran Seo) will hold an online lecture on the topic of ‘A small reunification that came first, North Korean defectors’ with the North and South Hana Foundation every Wednesday from the 4th to the 18th of the new month at 2 pm. Jeong In-seong, chairman of the North-South Hana Foundation, explained ‘the history of North Korean defectors and the change of the settlement support system,’ Jeon Yeon-sook, head of the Foundation’s business operation division, explained ‘North Korean defectors and social settlement,’ and Lim Byeong-cheol, executive director of the foundation, explained ‘North Korean defectors and social integration.’ do. You can view it on the YouTube channel ( information POINT) Applications are due by the 2nd of each month. See website ( ◇ Museum Mountain (Director Oh Kwang-soo) has been holding an exhibition that collects the imaginary works of representative modern and contemporary Korean artists since June 19. 28 works by 14 artists, including Lee Jung-seop and Park Soo-geun, Do Sang-bong, Park Go-seok, Son Eung-seong, Oh Ji-ho, Yoon Jung-sik, Lee Dae-won, Lee Byung-gyu, Lee In-seong, Lee Jong-woo, Lee Kwae-dae, Jang Du-gun, and Choi Young-rim. In particular, Lee Dae-won’s 1,000-room masterpiece, called the ‘painter of the farm’, attracts attention. The exhibition runs until May 29 next year. See website ( ◇ The National Museum of Korea (Director Min Byeong-chan) will permanently exhibit two national treasures ‘Geum-bronze Maitreya Bodhisattva Bangasayusang’ on the 2nd floor of the permanent exhibition hall on October 28th. The National Treasure No. 83 Bangasayusang, which was currently in the Buddhist Sculpture Room, has been moved to the storage room. The Banga Thought is a Buddha statue in a thoughtful posture with one leg on top of the other knee and a finger on his cheek. It originated from the figure of Prince Siddhartha immersed in meditation while contemplating the death of the dead. The newly prepared exhibition room focuses on conveying the ‘smile’ and ‘reason’ of the Buddha. ◇ The Cultural Heritage Administration (Chairman Kim Hyun-mo) will make reservations for ‘Songnisan Beopjusa Light Feast’, the first event of the ‘World Heritage Media Art’ project at Beopjusa Temple in Songnisan from the 30th to the 29th of the new month. At Ori Forest Road, Sujeonggyo Bridge, Sacheonwangmun Gate, and the bell tower, you can experience interactive content that combines cultural properties and media art. At 8:10 pm, at Palsangjeon, a national treasure, ‘Wandering through the sea of ​​affliction with the unknown wind’ and ‘Palsangdo and Maitreya Buddha’, The media façade will be held under the theme of ‘Construction of Beopjusa Temple’ at the Treasure Daeungbojeon. See website ( ◇ The Korea Broadcasting Association (President Park Seong-je) will hold a viewer vote for the first time until the 1st of the new month to select the Best Picture at the 48th Korea Broadcasting Awards this year. It is conducted in four categories including drama, entertainment, variety variety, and music composition, and you can vote in the online voting application ‘pikkle’. The winner is decided by adding up the judges’ score (80%) and the viewer’s vote (20%). See website ( ◇ On the 26th, Chungnam Red Cross (Chairman Chang-gi Yoo) placed Rep. Jin-seok Moon (Chun An-gap) of the Democratic Party of Korea, who kept his promise to donate 30% of his monthly expenses, to the Red Cross ‘Hall of Fame Hope Club’ and gave him a plaque of appreciation. Since June of last year, when his term as a member of the National Assembly began, 30% of his tax money has been donated to residents suffering from COVID-19, and the accumulated amount of donations is currently around 38 million won. ◇ The Chungbuk Provincial Office of Education (Superintendent Kim Byung-woo) donated 100 textbooks to Vietnamese elementary and middle schools on the 26th to help Vietnamese students from multicultural families learn languages ​​and understand history and culture. Textbooks are loaned free of charge upon request from schools, students, and parents. See website (



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