England Coach Wigman Aims for Best Game Ever in Women’s World Cup Final

England Coach Wiegman Aims for the Best Game Ever in Women’s World Cup Finals

Sydney, August 19 – England coach Sarina Wiegman expressed her team’s determination to deliver their best performance ever in the final of the 2023 Women’s World Cup. Speaking at the press conference, Wiegman emphasized the team’s aspiration to secure victory.

Confidence and Excitement Ahead of Final

“We want to win,” asserted Wiegman confidently. This is the first time the England team has reached the World Cup finals, and the coach highlighted their enthusiasm for the upcoming game. She emphasized that this final not only showcases the power of football but also demonstrates its ability to unite people beyond the sport itself.

While acknowledging Spain’s good form and strong performance throughout the tournament, Wiegman noted that they have not substantially changed from her previous encounters with them.

Preparations and Coaching Style

As the historic first coach to guide two different teams, the Netherlands and England, to the World Cup finals, the 53-year-old Dutch coach revealed the relaxed atmosphere within the team. Training remains unchanged, and preparations continue in a usual manner. Wiegman, who will officially become the head coach of the England team in 2021, previously led the team to victory in the European Championship last summer.

Facing Challenges with Resilience and Unity

England player Bright shared her perspective on facing the star-studded Spanish team, emphasizing that challenges are an integral part of the game and life itself. She conveyed the team’s belief that overcoming challenges has been instrumental in their current position.

A Team that Inspires

Summing up her team’s style, Wiegman emphasized unity, adaptability, and tenacity. She credited the team’s performance in last year’s European Championship and this year’s World Cup as an inspiration not only for England but also for football enthusiasts globally.

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Women’s World Cup丨England coach Wigman: Hope to play the best game ever

Xinhua News Agency, Sydney, August 19 (Reporter Niu Mengtong, Gao Meng, Li Xiaoyu) At the press conference before the final of the 2023 Women’s World Cup on the 19th, England coach Wigman said that the team hopes to play “the best ever” in the final. game”.

England coach Wigman (photo from official FIFA website)

“We want to win.” Wegman is full of confidence in the England team who entered the World Cup final for the first time. “We are very excited to take part in tomorrow’s game. It will show once again how football can unite people, which is far beyond football itself.”

“Spain are in good shape, they have played very well in the World Cup. They have energy on the pitch, they have a lot of power on the ball. But so far, I don’t think they they’ve changed a lot from what I know,” he said.

As the first coach in history to lead two different teams (Netherlands and England) to the finals of the World Cup, the 53-year-old Dutch female coach said frankly that the team’s preparations were very relaxed, and that the training was carry on as usual, nothing. special The change. Wegman will take over as head coach of the England team in 2021 and led the team to win the European Championship last summer.

Facing the Spanish team with luxury coverage, England player Bright said: “Although people are not willing to face challenges, this is part of the game and part of life. Without these challenges, we would not be where we are today. “

“Unity, adaptability, tenacity, this is our game style.” Wigman summed up the team under his command, “This team inspired the whole team in last year’s European Championship and this year’s World Cup. playing football, not just in England but all over the world.”

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