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“Kyle Walker” and “John Stones” 2 players for the English national team. Although he cannot successfully bring home the 2022 World Cup trophy But they are preparing to bring “Dave”, a stray cat from Qatar. return to the country instead

World Cup 2022 in Qatar The England national team is led by Kyle Walker and John Stones, two players from Man City. Get ready to take Dave Cats who are trending in the social world get on a plane and go home together

“Dave” is a stray cat who lives in the hotel where England stayed during the World Cup in Qatar. which is a group of British players who love cats bring him food and buy a collar

Walker said John Stone named him “Dave” and the pair often posted pictures of Dave on Instagram, leading to a Bring Dave Home trend to bring him back to the house

England’s latest national team Leaving the hotel with Dave, with a clip taken by the staff Dave goes to the vet To do blood tests and vaccinations before submitting a case to the Qatar Animal Welfare Authority. to bring Dave back to England

“Griezmann” celebrates the ultimate victory in the hotel

While the England players were preparing to go home with Dave instead in the World Cup competition After they were eliminated in the last 8 teams at the hands of the former champions, France who received a warm welcome from the hotel staff. where every player fully celebrates victory

Especially Antoine Griezmann, who seemed to be having more fun after France beat England 2-1 to reach the semi-finals. Meet the dark horse Morocco, the team that has conceded the fewest goals on this list. Only one goal from 5 important games They also beat the favorites like Belgium, Spain and Portugal.

For former champions like France, there is a chance to win the World Cup twice in a row, becoming the third team behind Italy and Brazil to have done so before.

for the World Cup program The first pair of playoffs Argentina meets Croatia on December 13 at 2:00 am, broadcast live on the True For You channel. and former champion France meet Morocco on December 14 at 2:00 am, broadcast live on Channel One

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