Enjoy Construction: 4 Ideas on Illinois

Rutgers drops a tough head in overtime, 99-94. Four Ideas!

The Young Bucks: Caleb McConnell, Montez Mathis, and Ron Harper Jr. today. McConnell made 25 points. He got on the edge, he hit some trees and made it free. Harper won the typed bucket by the game to send the game into overtime. Mathis got up and down the court at lightning speed. This type of game allowed the three modern to be comfortable in court. This is not a half-game game, it was a game where they pressed the speed and they tried to score quickly. It's a good person because we did not have to think about them. They could only play.

There was no Answer for Male: In the second half, Giorgi Bezhanishvili was just at his will. Rutgers protection could not be kept away from the edge and was able to complete it with both hands. He got the throw line free and also made it free. The man gave great energy to Illinois, especially when Rutgers got two best players of the Illini Fighting in a poor trouble.

Free of charge, must be free, must be free: The Scarlet Knights lost 8 free throws. if they did 4 more of them, they won the game in a regulation. Heck, if they made two more. The Scarlet Knights are getting better, but they have to combine a complete game on the road. To win on the road, you have to make your girls free, and they were not there today. This is definitely a frustrating feature of this team, as some commentators have repeatedly expressed.

Subsistence with Steve Pikiell: It is mentioned on the Big Network Ten that Pikiell's mother died earlier and was training with a heavy heart. Definitely sad news, and you could see that you wanted to win the game. It did not happen, but they made their hearts out.

The next is another Northwestern road game. Rutgers must come out with the same fire and try to find another road.

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