enough!! Onana announces retirement from Cameroon after clash with Xiong pulls out of World Cup

Andre Onana, Cameroon national team goalkeeper Decided to retire from playing for the national team After falling out with coach Ricober Song, he withdrew from the squad midway through the 2022 World Cup.

Andre Onana outpostCameroon national teamInter Milan announced their retirement from the national team via social media on December 23 following a dispute with national team coach Rigobert Song, leading to Onana’s sudden withdrawal from the national team in the first round of the fight.World Cup 2022 in Qatar that just ended

Onana, 26, posted on social media that After practicing diligently After wandering around countless times including many dedications He can proudly say that he has achieved his own dreams. But every story has an end, no matter how beautiful it is. And his story with the Cameroon national team ended. Players come and go. Fame has only passed in a brief moment. But the nation must come before any player or person. Cameroon will last forever. as well as their love for the national team and for our compatriots who have always supported us This feeling will never change His Cameroonian heart still beats. And wherever he goes he will fight to raise the Cameroonian flag as high as he can. After this, I will support the national team as a fan. And thanks to the people who believed and trusted him to act with the previous team.

Onana left the national team and flew home after the opening of the Cameroon World Cup. Defeat Switzerland 0-1, which was later reported by the media Song tells Onana to play an adventurous style. but the other party refused when discord So he withdrew from the national team. While Song has opened the door for him to join the team if he wishes. But in the end, Onana didn’t go back.

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