Enough to show the people; Lightning visit will continue: Riyaz

Thiruvananthapuram: Minister PA Mohammad Riyaz has said that those who criticize his lightning visits should criticize him and continue like this no matter what. Some ask why people should be shown. The minister said that it was enough to show the people here.

People need to know what’s going on in the rest house. That’s why it went that way. Nothing to keep secret. Places that have gone like this before are now working very well. The decision is to continue like this in the years to come. Let the critics criticize. “I do not care,” he said.

The liquor bottles were found during a visit to Vadakara Rest House last day. He pointed to empty liquor bottles and shouted at officials. After this, a section came on the scene and asked why all this is PR and why the Minister does not see the condition of the road.

English Summary: Minister PA Mohammed Riyas on inspections



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