Entering the women’s bathroom, ‘hidden camera’… 50’s vice principal ‘self resignation’

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A Japanese vice principal in his 50s who was accused of installing a hidden camera in a women’s bathroom was suspended for three months.

According to Japanese public broadcaster NHK, etc. on the 16th, the Iwate Prefecture Board of Education in Japan announced the day before that it had imposed a three-month suspension on Mr.

Previously, Mr. A was indicted without detention in September for breaking into a women’s restroom at a commercial facility in Ichinoseki City in July and illegally filming a woman by pushing a cell phone through the door.

On the 28th of last month, the Ichinoseki Prosecutor’s Office applied the Misdemeanor Punishment Act to Mr. After that, the Ichinoseki Simple Court issued an abbreviated order to Mr. A with a fine of 100,000 yen (approximately 1,030,000 won).

During the police investigation, Mr. A admitted to the crime, saying, “In order to relieve stress and dissatisfaction with desires, I have illegally filmed 10 times or more in facilities such as toilets from 5 years ago.” He also apologized, saying, “I am reflecting on the act of trampling on the dignity of the victim.” The school held a parent briefing session on the 5th and the principal directly explained the incident and bowed his head.

Meanwhile, the Education Committee did not say whether it was an elementary school or a middle school, saying that there is a risk that the school will be specified. In addition, while confirming the disciplinary action of Mr. A, he formally accepted the resignation that he submitted in advance in September.

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