Entertainment established by Junsu Kim, his lineup is not unusual (official)

Musical actress Kim So-hyun signed an exclusive contract with Palm Tree Island, founded by singer and musical actress Kim Jun-su.

Kim So-hyun / Provided hereafter by Palm Tree Island

Palm Tree Island announced on the 28th, “Empress Kim So-hyun, who represents Korea’s musical world by revealing a unique presence in each work, has become a new member of Palm Tree Island.”

He added, “We plan to give our full support to Kim So-hyun, an all-round entertainer who is active in various fields, such as broadcasting and advertising, as well as musicals, so that she can focus on her activities.

Kim So-hyun made her splendid debut in 2001 as Christine in the musical ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. Since then, she has appeared in a number of works such as ‘Elisabeth’, ‘Marie Antoinette’, ‘Empress Myeongseong’, ‘Anna Karenina’, ‘Wicked’, and ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ and is performing unrivaled. In particular, on stage, with a charismatic aura, and off-stage with bright and lovely energy, he earned the nickname ‘the actor loved by the audience’.

In particular, Kim So-hyun, who celebrated the 20th anniversary of her musical debut this year, solidified her position by receiving the ‘Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Commendation’ last year. In addition, she boasts a number of awards, such as the ‘2018 Asia Culture Awards Best Actress Award’, the ‘5th Yegreen Musical Awards Best Actress Award’, and the ’14th Korea Musical Awards Best Actress Award’.

Palm Tree Island is an entertainment company founded by Junsu Kim, a manager he had been with for a long time last month, after leaving C-JeS Entertainment, where he had been working for 12 years. We aim for a ‘comfortable base’ that supports all members working with artists so that they can demonstrate their best abilities at their respective positions.

Junsu Kim (XIA)
Junsu Kim (XIA)

It is said that Kim So-hyun chose Palm Tree Island as her new agency after paying close attention to the company’s vision and growth potential after long discussions with Kim Jun-su, whom she is close to, while searching for a new home after the expiration of her contract with her former agency.

As Jeong Seon-ah previously announced the signing of an exclusive contract, Kim So-hyun joined as well, making Palm Tree Island known as an agency with top-notch musical actors in Korea.



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