20 minutes – «Danni is the worst candidate of all seasons»


In every season of “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” There are some polarizing celebrities that the audience wants to see suffer from the start. From the very first hour in the camp, the motto for those candidates is one jungle test after another.


Who would you most treat the jungle crown to?

Before the show started, fans of the show were certain that the spirited Elena Miras (27) in particular would feel the hatred of the audience. On the third day in the jungle, however, it turned out that Danni Büchner will probably be even harder than the Swiss.

No more pity for Danni

After the 41-year-old TV emigrant passed the exam with Elena the day before, she had to start alone on Sunday. Visibly unfocused and at a slow pace, she turned to the “nightmare ship” and only got four out of eleven stars.

Danni was still very satisfied – the main thing is airtime, says the widow of pop singer Jens Büchner. In any case, the jungle camp is a «Danni show», she believes, because the audience obviously only wants to see her. With such statements, Danni makes more enemies than friends not only in the camp.

A look at Twitter shows: The audience is annoyed by Danni’s attitude. The pity that the mother of five experienced for a long time because of the death of her husband has quickly turned to dislike. “She is the worst candidate of all seasons,” says one user.

Elena accuses the others of falsehood

Elena also provides something to talk about at the beginning. She claims to know the real reason for separation from candidate Claudia Norberg (49) and pop star Michael Wendler (47). Stupid only: In the camp nobody wants to hear the story. The celebrities even warn Elena not to interfere in other people’s affairs.

That makes the “Love Island” and “The Summer House of Stars” angry. “What is this falsehood?” She complains to fellow campaigner Prince Damien (29). And twice in a one-on-one interview: “I’m the only one here who opens up if something doesn’t suit me.”

“I’m a star – get me out of here!” Is currently running on RTL every day at 10.15 pm.




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