4 things that have no place in the image on February 14 – stylist


Trends are not the key to success in men.

February 14th is a holiday for lovers and a great opportunity to find a mate for yourself on a theme evening. The stylist warns fashionistas that they do not wear only 4 things that have no place in the image when looking for a man. After all, the stronger sex first of all looks at the “clothes”, and then gets acquainted with the inner world of a woman.
The first “trend” thing is dress jacket. So beloved by women and comfortable clothes do not complain about men. The fact is that they think this is too vulgar. After all, a jacket for them is outerwear, and if a woman has only such a thing, then it looks like a reduced social responsibility. More importantly, there should not be any lace – it will get worse.

Also not impressive men and combination dresses no extras. From above it is better to put on a sweater, turtleneck, t-shirt – but whatever. In another case, it seems that the woman came in a nightgown.
Velours also “taboo”, despite the fact that in 2020 this material is in fashion. To the stronger sex, the girl who dressed in velor seems like a sharply younger grandmother. This, of course, does not attract.

The last thing is fishnet tights. No matter how it is covered up, the net immediately evokes associations with vulgarism. Therefore, it is better to prefer classic black tights or take custom prints.
So to speak, find your love on February 14, but the main thing is not to be disgraced by the poor choice of clothes.



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