a good series for novices of the saga?


We watched the pilot of Star Trek: Picard, available since Friday on Amazon Prime Video. With the bet to bring together both newcomers and unconditional fans of the franchise, the series manages to breathe a breath of fresh air on Star Trek?

26 years after Star Trek: The New Generation, and 18 years after his last appearance as Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: Nemesis, Sir Patrick Stewart once again takes on his emblematic role in Star Trek: Picard on Amazon Prime Video. We find him where he appeared at the end of The New Generation, in France, with his faithful dog in his castle surrounded by vineyards. However, the well-deserved rest of the former Starfleet captain comes to an end when he loses his calm in front of a pressing journalist during a television interview but also, and especially, when a young woman called Dahj (and embodied by Isa Briones ) arrives in his life. Quickly, this enigmatic young woman reminds Jean-Luc of some bitter moments in her past, especially when he understands that she has strong ties with an old friend. It is from this moment that Jean-Luc Picard will decide to act, according to his instinct and his suspicions towards the Federation.

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This is how Star Trek: Picard begins, in an atmosphere largely tinged with nostalgia. This is particularly palpable in the first scene where Jean-Luc plays poker with his friend, the Android Data, on their ship. Throughout this pilot, Picard’s guilt over the death of his former friend will act as a real red thread that should delight the Trekkies, a sweet nickname given to incorrigible fans of the franchise. However, Star Trek: Picard is not just yet another sequel intended to delight fans. If the rest of the series remains to be discovered, this pilot fulfills his objective of federating both fans and novices openness (such as your servant). If the references are numerous, the series succeeds perfectly in providing, via its staging, the information allowing to immerse body and soul in the dense universe of the saga.

This approach is facilitated by the excellent achievement of this pilot. Variety of the decorations, dynamism of the plans, lighting effects … We are right in the current canons of the successful Blockbuster SF. And the aesthetics of this Star Trek: Picard is reminiscent of the atypical style of J.J. Abrams – this famous anamorphic look and its lens flares in shambles – although the filmmaker is absolutely not in control. We still remain in continuity since JJ Abrams had signed two films of the franchise, and the showrunner of Star Trek: Picard, Alex Kurtzman, was responsible for writing them, before launching the series Star Trek: Discovery, then this new series stamped Amazon Prime Video.

Credits: Amazon Prime Video

And then what about Sir Patrick Stewart, once again dazzling in his role as Jean Luc Picard. After more than twenty years since Star Trek: The New Generation, the British actor now embodies this retired old stranger, closer to the old sage than to the man of action he once embodied. Now 92 years old in the series (the actor will blow his 80th candle this year), Picard seems to have accepted his age until passing his turn during the breathtaking action scenes, giving a great feeling of realism to all. That the series bears his name represents a beautiful tribute to the emblematic character of the franchise, without excluding the other characters, who are blowing a breath of freshness on the saga.

There are, however, some faults, notably a somewhat rapid pace which installs from half the pilot and takes us at lightning speed to the four corners of the world, from the United States via Picard Castle in France, then Paris, to the Japanese island of Okinawa. The work immerses us in a universe where transport makes it possible to go easily to a distant galaxy, we will however close our eyes to these lightning journeys on Earth… Ultimately, Star Trek Picard remains a good surprise, even if it will suit ” wait for the continuation of events to definitively judge the series, and in particular to discover the new characters in more detail. Available today on Amazon Prime Video, Star Trek: Picard will be unveiled over the weeks with a weekly episode.

Credits: Amazon Prime Video

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