Angie Khoury with a inch in the valley .. She went to you, Sama Sama


Angie Khoury posted a new video of her carrying a large number of bright balloons, on her own account on a social networking site.

Angie stood on a street wearing a short dress, commenting on the video, “Who would like to buy two bags?”

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Angie also posted a new photo of her on her profile, in which she appeared bare-breasted, placing her hands on him, congratulating her through the audience Valentine’s Day.

Anji Khoury, whose real name was Najwa Khalik Allah, who was arrested by the Public Literature Protection Office in the Judicial Police Unit, was handed over to the General Directorate of Public Security, and she was deported back to her country, Syria, as it violated the entry laws to Lebanese territory, and entered stealthily despite the withdrawal Residence of them in the past.



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