Are Jenelle Evans and David Eason Living Together Again?


It seems like love is in the air for Jenelle
once again. While the mother of three announced her separation from David
back in October 2019, it doesn’t seem to be sticking. Evans and Eason
have been spotted together twice since she inexplicably decided to drop a restraining
order against her troubled husband of two years. Now, insiders are claiming the
couple is living together again, and there is photographic evidence that backs
up the claims.

Jenelle moved to Nashville to get away from David

Evans settled into life in Nashville to get away from David shortly before announcing the couple’s split. Things seemed to be going insanely well for Evans in her new home state. Evans kept a low profile on Twitter and Instagram in the early days of her move, but she ramped up her presence around Christmas time. She insisted she was happy, and that she was reconnecting with a great support system. Fans were thrilled to see Evans and two of her children thriving.

She seemed so steadfast in her decision that she even set up an apartment in the Nashville area and enrolled Kaiser in school. Then, the new year came, and a short-lived romance with a man named Herbert Wilkinson fizzled out. Soon it looked like Evans was reverting to her old habits, like running back to her reported abuser. Evans dropped an order of protection against Eason, and that seemed to signal the beginning of the end of Evans’ new Nashville lifestyle.

The couple was spotted together in the country music capital of the world

Fans were pretty bummed to find out
that Evans and Eason were hanging out together in Nashville. They were spotted
once walking down a street with their daughter, Ensley. An insider claimed that
Evans and Eason were merely trying to co-parent, but fans who spied the couple together
suggested things were getting a little cozy, according to the
Ashley Reality Roundup Group

Jenelle Evans and David Eason pose at The Planet Hollywood Valentine's Wonderland
Jenelle Evans and David Eason | Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

They were seen again, more recently, sans their daughter. The couple was in a bar together grabbing drinks. Since Ensley was nowhere in sight, it’s clear that the meeting had little to do with co-parenting. The second sighting was really all fans needed to assume that Eason had weaseled his way back into Evans’ life. Sadly, there is even more evidence to suggest it has happened.

Photos suggest Jenelle Evans is back in North Carolina

It looks like Evans is spending a lot of time back in North
Carolina. More specifically, it seems as though she’s right back in her old
home, which she and Eason dubbed “the land”. The troubled home seems haunted by
past drama. After all, 25
emergency calls
were placed from or about the house in one year. Previous
drama doesn’t seem to be giving Evans pause, though.

So, how do we know that Evans and Eason appear to be living together again? The couple both posted a photo of the same baby goat. Eason posted a picture showing a goat inside his home. In the background, fans spied a turned over toy that appears to belong to a toddler. The only toddler in the home would be Ensley. More recently, Evans posted a photo with the same goat in her Instagram Stories, which means she was absolutely in the house she shared with Eason. Recent stories also seem to indicate Evans and Ensley are spending time in North Carolina, based on the background in several videos.

to TMZ
, an insider claims the pair have been living together “on and
off” since the restraining order was dropped back in January 2020. The reconciliation
seems to coincide with the end of Evans’ contract with MTV. The deal will
officially end in April 2020.  It is
unknown if the
production house behind Teen Mom 2
planned to work with her ever
again, but with Eason back in the picture, that seems less and less likely.
Evans, however, claims she has plenty of ideas for new reality TV shows.


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