Daniela Katzenberger at Florian-Silbereisen-Show: 20 Euro dress, see-through


Daniela Katzenberger is once again interested in the provocation. With a daring dress, she appeared on Florian Silbereisen’s ARD show. That suddenly became transparent.

  • Daniela Katzenberger was a guest at the ARD show “Schlager Champions” of Florian Silbereisen,
  • Your 20 euro dress from HM was see-through.
  • She takes herself on Instagram for this.

Munich – Daniela Katzenberger likes to provoke. And she has no problem showing some skin if the occasion demands it. This may be that she is young and needed money – after all, she once posed completely for coal. And for another reason, she was just sitting in a bra on a plane.

Daniela Katzenberger at the Florian Silbereisen show: see-through dress allows a view of the bra

Why, however, you at ARD-Show “Schlager Champions” by Florian Silbereisen showed up quite freely, only she knows. Maybe because she felt like it? Or did she underestimate it?

In any case, the dress of the 33-year-old gave a complete look at her pink bra. What looked quite harmless on TV turned out to be quite transparent in the spotlight. But Daniela Katzenberger seems so proud of the outfit that she brags about it on Instagram too.

Daniela Katzenberger: “How can she?!?! …” – she means the woman in the background

“I already know what you think … How can she?!?! …”, she writes. But a twist follows. Because of course Daniela Katzenberger knows that her fumbling is a great eye catcher. But it focuses on something else. “How can this woman just smuggle in the background with the picture,” she writes with a tearful laughing emoji.

On top there are still bizarre hashtags: #aboutyesterday #stilistnichtdasendedesbesens #stillosmitstil # rosagehtimmerundallall

We would now like to tell you how Daniela Katzenberger’s followers reacted to the photo. But: It’s not that easy. Because the TV blonde has deactivated the comment function for the photo. In this respect, rather a mini “press review”: “No question, with her ability not to take herself too seriously, Daniela Katzenberger has the sympathies on her side”, commented news.de the appearance.

Daniela Katzenberger reveals: The dress comes from H&M

The fumble is by the way from H&M. Or more precisely – “It is from a” very expensive and exclusive designer on Mallorca, who calls himself H&M, “she commented, according to vip.de. “I shot that for a Zwanni.”

Daniela Katzenberger and her husband Lucas Cordalis were guests at the ARD’s Silbereisen show, where they also answered audience questions. However, many ARD switchers were more concerned with the topic of Helene Fischer.

The photo that Steffi Graf’s niece is currently showing on her Instagram account is also daring. Talia Graf (22) shows her followers without a bra in a transparent blouse.


List of rubric lists: © Christian Charisius / dpa


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