Details of the Blue Elephant 3 and its official release date after events leaked about the disappearance of Lubna and Farida


We follow up with you on our website the details of the Blue Elephant 3 and the date of its official presentation, where the artist Karim Abdulaziz, the hero of the film in the previous two parts, during a television interview with him, the artist Essaad Younis, disclosed that there are many statements made by the author of the film Ahmed Murad, which indicated that work began with the part New after the effects of the previous two parts a great success rate.

Blue Elephant Details 3

The artist Karim Abdel Aziz announced the launch of the third part of the Blue Elephant movie, which was presenting the role of Sharif in the first and second parts, but in the third part he indicated that he will present Sharif Al-Malbous, and raised many questions with a conversation he had with the film’s author Ahmed Murad about Lubna’s character And Farida, who was presented by Nelly Karim and Hind Sabri, who pointed out that there was no structure and unique in the first and second parts, and Karim replied to him, joking with a soul that you write.

Blue elephant part two

It is noteworthy that the movie Blue Elephant Part Two presented many profits and revenues that were classified as the largest in the history of the entire Egyptian cinema, as it is all over 100 million pounds, which was co-starred by Nelly Karim, Khaled El-Sawy, and they are also champions of the first part. Iyad Nassar, Sherine Reda and Hind Sabri are the only heroes of the second part, and the film is directed by Marwan Hamed, and everyone praised the great mastery of graphic photography and the amazing music in the film, led by Hisham Nazih.


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