Emergency hospitalization at Omega “El Fuerte” merenguero – Telemundo New York (47)


– The popular urban merenguero, Omega “El Fuerte”, was hospitalized after
suffer facial paralysis, local media reported on Monday

An image of the meringue in the hospital went viral since the morning hours. It shows Omega in a bed receiving medical care, as reported by Diario Libre.

Several presentations by the artist would have been affected by the medical emergency.

Omega addressed his fans with the following message on Instagram: “My people, my dear ones, I am being held in a medical center. I hope to be back in my work very soon, because thank God my health problem is not very serious. Do not worry that I will be in optimal conditions to continue with the pending work agenda. I apologize for the inconvenience caused, I will be giving you information so that you are aware of my improvement, blessings to all, your modern tropical merengue artist from the Dominican Republic Omega (El Real) “



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