First performance after 7 weeks of historic strike


During a performance on the forecourt of the Palais Garnier in Paris, January 18, 2020. – Kamil Zihnioglu / AP / SIPA

The Opera of
Paris found its audience on Saturday evening to the sound of Tales of Hoffmann in Bastille after a historic strike against
pension reform. “The representation of the opera The Tales of Hoffmann from Saturday January 25 at 7:30 pm at the Opera Bastille is confirmed, “the Paris Opera announced earlier today via its Twitter account.

“To preserve the economic integrity of the Opera”

The inter-union voted to resume performances, said the Paris Opera, confirming information from the weekly Télérama. A text was read before the start of the performance: “To preserve the economic integrity of the Opera, we made the decision to provide this show this evening, but we remain mobilized for the withdrawal of this bill” , can we hear in a video shared on twitter by a spectator in the room.

“We have tried in many ways to express our deep attachment to the excellence of our house as well as to the transmission of a unique cultural heritage,” said the representative of the intersyndicale in his speech, interspersed with hoots and of applause, without specifying whether this resumption was final.

Nearly 15 million euros in ticketing losses

The Paris Opera Orchestra and Choir have been on strike for a month and a half against the end of the special regime enjoyed by the establishment and more than 70 shows have been canceled. The ticketing losses, which now reach nearly 15 million euros, are greater than the state’s annual contribution to the Opera’s pension fund.

The dancers, musicians and musicians particularly stood out by offering a representation of the Swan Lake free or interpreting The Marseillaise on the forecourt of the Palais Garnier. If strikes by Opera technicians have been commonplace since the 1970s, that of the Ballet is extremely rare, and the presence of its dancers on the street is unprecedented.


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