For or against? Our opinion on the Megxit



Ellen de Meester, Web reporter

That’s it, they did it. Tired of running, exhausted by the flashes, Meghan and Harry returned their aprons. The modern fairy tale that everyone applauded with so much fervor has taken a turn that public opinion is not sure to appreciate. On social networks, they are criticized for their selfishness, their ingratitude, their cowardice … Meghan, however warned by her American friends, has she been too naive in imagining that she could adapt to this complex environment ? No doubt, yes. Blinded by love, the couple failed to predict that the 30 million pairs of eyes riveted on their marriage would never turn away. They are only human. And how to blame them, since that’s exactly why we love their story? We loved them because they were out of the ordinary and because their love made tradition bend. Hopeful, they tried to be themselves in Buckingham, to use their dazzling celebrity to advocate for the causes close to their hearts.

But how do you live your life, when popularity turns into harassment and family rules prohibit you from hiding? In the weeks leading up to their resignation, Meghan was “on the brink”.

And since he had sworn to spare him the fate of his mother, Harry decided to protect his wife. It’s not a drama! There are far more serious things going on in the world today.

The prince did not turn his back on the crown (which has always weighed on him), he simply took a step back, to give more space to his family. If it’s not a worthy sequel to the original fairy tale, I don’t know what you need.


Valérie Fournier, journalist

A few hours after Prince Harry’s shocking announcement, the humorous posts to talk about the Megxit invaded the Net: Meghan portrayed in Yoko Ono; the queen asking James Bond to take care of the case, “as for Epstein”; Kate hyperventilating when she realizes she’s going to have to do all the work. Because yes, it is a tsunami on the monarchy, an insult to the institution, a spit in the royal soup.

Meghan can not escape, SHE SIGNED WITH ALL KNOWLEDGE OF CAUSE! She cannot pretend to discover that the life of a princess is exhausting and restrictive.

Admittedly, Buckingham Palace’s response cut the controversy short. The queen supports her grandson, whom she adores, of public notoriety, but one suspects that behind the conveniences, the unbeatable sovereign must have a big heart.

Fans of The Crown know that Elizabeth Alexandra Mary lost the right to have personal opinions the day she became Elizabeth II. Always scrutinized, the royal family fascinates, annoys, but also unites. You just have to see the popular craze for each event. So we cannot condone Meghan’s whim. Because even if his relationship with Harry was an example of progressiveness, proof of the modernity of the Windsor, Meghan quickly attracted the enmity of the public. If the tabloids are bent on it, it is not without reason. Capricious, tyrannical with her staff, disrespectful of protocol, the Duchess of Sussex sinks straight into the wall, whether Canadian or English

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