‘Friends’ actor takes his life at 56; is found by his wife | GRANDSTAND


U.S.- The famous actor, Stan kirsch, who had a special appearance on Friends, with only 56 years old is suicidal presumably last Saturday, January 11, his wife Kristyn Green It was he who found him lifeless at home.

Stan was found lifeless by his wife, who called the paramedics, however, they could no longer do anything for the actor, who decided to end his life.

Kirsch participated in Friends like a boy who dated ‘Monica Geller’ (Courtney Cox), a relationship that ended because he was too young for the protagonist, since he was 17 years old and still did not enter the university.

He was also recognized for his interpretation of ‘Richie Ryan’ for 6 seasons in the series of Highlander.

Stan Kirsch in

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