“George Clooney fears that he will end up in a wheelchair forever” – Wel.nl


It is not going so well with George Clooney. His back problems are so serious that he fears he will end up in a wheelchair forever. A friend of the 58-year-old star actor tells Primo: “George is terrified of becoming dependent on anyone.”

The back pain of the 58-year-old star actor began in 2005 when he fell seriously during the shooting of the film Syriana and damaged his spine. An operation eventually brought improvement, but after a scooter accident in Italy in 2018, the pain returned. “Even worse than ever before. Sometimes George can’t even get up without support or help and his biggest fear is getting stuck on a wheelchair. He would find it horrible to become dependent on others, and especially on his wife Amal (41). ”

The back complaints do not have a good influence on their already shaky marriage, the friend said. “That constant subcutaneous fear creates a lot of tension in their relationship, because Amal gets the feeling that George does not fully trust her and closes her out. Moreover, she is annoyed by his friends and says he drinks too much. He, for his part, finds her increasingly snobbish and always tells me that Amal takes himself too seriously. It is also said, by the way, that he has secured most of his $ 500 million fortune, so that Amal cannot reach it in the event of a divorce. Whether that is true, I do not know, but the fact is that George’s back problems threaten to cripple him and that this could also mean the end of his marriage. ”



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